Rotermann`s two-room apartment

Dignified and durable furniture in light tones was really important for the customer. The fusion and suitability of colors give the home a cozy as well as a striking look. The large-scale elegant ceiling light in the dining room gives shine to the hidden room and fills the room with soft light. The light tones of the kitchen furniture keep the mood calm and help you enjoy cooking even more.

To the soft tones of the living room, we added a voluminous brightly colored painting that fills the room with color and excitement. Durable classic curtains fill the rooms with coziness and help to hide the endless light of summer nights. We definitely considered the customer's desire to have high-quality furniture, which we provided by OCCO without any worries.

Products used

We work with over 300 well-known brands from Europe and Scandinavia. Here is a selection of products used to decorate these rooms.
Dining room

Calligaris Etoile dining chair

Recreational area

Narbutas Optima Mobile Pedestal w/3 drawer


Connubia Rosie Soft chair

Lighting solutions

Iconeluce Arbor 12PL pendant light



9007Rotermann`s two-room apartment
A cheerful home in the summer capital Nature inspired apartment in Pärnu



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