This year, companies are dedicated to revamping offices by introducing innovative solutions that not only promote efficiency but also prioritize employee well-being and environmental considerations. In this article, we explore the most outstanding offices of 2023, serving as inspiration for creating future-friendly work environments.


Workland Fahle’s atmosphere is shaped by a combination of a historic building and modern interior design. The former paper mill’s limestone walls and five-meter-high ceilings create a spacious and cozy environment. Bold color schemes and patterns balance the industrial style, resulting in a completely unique workspace.

The center accommodates around three hundred people, but the space is vast, allowing for more. During busy working hours, people disperse into private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, a zen room, and even a gym.

The heart of the office is a large pink kitchen and café-style lounge, which has become a favorite spot for many to hold meetings and conversations, in addition to working. The ambiance is enhanced by soothing music and the aroma of coffee, playing a significant role in shaping the atmosphere.


Coolbet opened its new headquarters in the Porto Franco center – a 3975-square-meter office designed for 324 Estonian employees. The new spaces provide the team with a cozy and collaborative environment, and they were also designed with expansion plans in mind – to accommodate up to 400 people.

The office features 18 meeting rooms of different sizes and styles that are easy to adapt for various purposes. Additionally, there is an all-hands area – a large auditorium where all employees can gather for presentations, participate in workshops, celebrate events, and host Cool Lab hackathons. The latter is an annual event aimed at promoting innovation and brainstorming future development projects. The office areas also include a game room with poker tables and ping pong, a gym, and a yoga and relaxation room.


At the beginning of the year, Bolt’s Veerenni office underwent a marvelous renovation with the assistance of OCCO – the new office spaces perfectly reflect their unique work culture. Bolt has been one of OCCO’s major partners, trusting the company to furnish offices across Europe.



In September, the international financing company Monefit, a part of the Creditstar Group, opened its brand-new office in the state-of-the-art Porto Franco building. The office, filled with natural light from large windows, offers a panoramic view of Tallinn’s Old Town.

The interior design takes into account the preferences of the employees. In addition to work zones, it provides comfortable leisure areas and co-working spaces. The heart of the office is a spacious lounge area where each employee can find a suitable spot to recharge their batteries in the middle of the workday.


The insurance company Marsh’s Tallinn office was in desperate need of a renovation – it hadn’t undergone repairs in almost 20 years. Now, the office boasts a cozy and modern salon-like atmosphere, featuring oak tables and comfortable velvet chairs. The kitchen and bathrooms were also revamped, and new additions to the office include soundproof phone booths.

The color palette primarily consists of calm and soothing tones, complemented by 13 vibrant paintings created by Marsh’s former CFO, Ülle Kruusoja. Located in the city center surrounded by a lot of stone and concrete, the goal was to bring a sense of nature indoors. Therefore, the office is adorned with lush plants that add moisture and air to the space.


In summary, it can be said that this year’s outstanding offices represent a trend towards focusing on flexibility, sustainability, and innovation. It’s good to see that companies are moving beyond traditional office spaces and providing their employees with creative and inspiring work environments.