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Modern eclecticism in the Rotermann quarter

Modern eclecticism in the Rotermann quarter

In the heart of the Rotermann quarter in Tallinn lies a real gem: an OCCO design apartment, where we gave interior architects free rein to bring all of their ideas and fantasies to life. The interior architecture was masterminded by Galina Burnakova and Hannele Saagpakk.

According to Galina, the design of the apartment was principally inspired by the urban environment of the Rotermann quarter itself. “The Rotermann quarter is a truly inspirational environment: vivacious, colourful, eclectic, and innovative – I wanted to reflect all of this in the character of the apartment as well,” noted Burnakova.

“I took a very cinematic approach to the design of the apartment, treating each room almost as a separate scene. I love colours! Especially bold ones! And I was happy to use them in the design apartment, focusing, of course, on this year’s trending colors – dark green, coral, and orange – integrated into interesting combinations. I put special emphasis on playing with contrasting tones, which allowed me to really highlight the unique pieces of furniture,” Galina explained.

Galina was assisted by designer Kadri Karjatse from OCCO, who served as her right-hand woman throughout the project. Kadri remarked that working with Galina was wonderful. “What I especially like about Galina is that she is extremely focused and always has a very clear vision and opinion. Despite being a very calculating and detail-oriented interior architect, she is also wonderfully creative and full of inventive ideas,” Kadri added.

According to Galina, the apartment was designed in a very playful and ironic style. “My goal was to use certain elements to give it that ‘wow’ factor, as seen, for example, in the super-stylish statement black kitchen, outrageous ape mural, and bright orange furniture. There are so many nuances, wonderful twists, jokes, and film references hidden throughout this apartment. I hope the result reflects how much I enjoyed the whole process,” she added.

“What I liked best about working with OCCO was their wide range of products and the opportunity to be playful. I didn’t only get to play with products, but also with materials, colours, and models, because there were just so many options. I feel like I found some true gems from the best brands in Europe and Scandinavia, largely with the help of Kadri, who was able to guide me to exciting brands I had never properly explored before,” Galina stated.

Kadri noted that OCCO aims to be an irreplaceable partner to interior architects. “For my part, I strove to make the process as easy as possible for Galina. I helped her find the right products, the right materials, assisted her where needed, and also provided the necessary 2D and 3D visuals. So I served as a sort of supporting background force that permitted the magic to happen and allowed Galina to get creative and bring her dreams to life,” Kadri reflected.

OCCO works with many different talented interior architects. If you want to create your dream home, but don’t know where to start and who to turn to, feel free to contact us. We will help you figure out where to start and find the right interior architect, so that together we can make your dreams come true!

Just e-mail us at kadri@occo.ee and let’s get started!


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