We furnish according to the needs of your company

Get us involved in the project already when you are thinking of moving. We solve the needs of your interior design quickly and conveniently.

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We will answer your questions quickly. Get in touch with us directly.

Pricing project specifications

We will price your project and make orders quickly thanks to our extensive network of manufacturers.

Sale of furniture and fittings

We are the only contact you need to find all the right products for your project fast and stress-free.

Project management

We will take care of everything at every stage of the project. All you have to do is enjoy the result.

Delivery and installation

We will arrange all delivery and installation so that you won’t even notice when everything has been finished.

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Don´t have an interior design project yet? Great, we can create it.

We will find a suitable interior architect for you

We work with the best interior architects in Estonia, who will help you create an interior architecture project.

You can buy all the furnishing items you need from us

You can stop running between stores - just order all items from one place.

Products from 800+ European brands

You will find all products ranging from lighting to floor coverings.

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OCCO´s customers are

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Medical centers
  • Private residences
  • The public sector
  • Schools
  • Rental properties

Clients about us

Jan Plaan / Architect 11

The OCCO tool is definitely a step in the right and much-needed direction. We see an important place for it in our team's work when creating future interior design projects. OCCO's team is always ready to respond quickly and help. We really believe it has a good potential to become an everyday tool for interior architects.

Indrek Sepp / Rental Investor

I like working with OCCO because they have made the process easy for the customer. It is one thing to invest in the right apartment, but it is equally important that it is well furnished. That requires a good partner. OCCO helps to create the vision and 3D views. It is clear half a year in advance what will be done and when it will be completed. And more importantly, they keep their promises.

Rasmus Kabun / LÄVI Interior Architects

I consider pleasant and considerate communication to be the most important. We always find a solution to every question, problem or possible shortcoming. Fortunately, at the end of the day, the end work is done by humans, not algorithms or robots. Of course, you can't overlook the variety of choices - you can find the right product for every budget and taste.

Casper Schwarz / Casper Schwarz Architects

OCCO’s platform offers surprising and interesting search results, which have led us to make different choices and suggestions in interior design projects. It's great to find new or little-known brands and their products.

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