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A new all-inclusive furnishing store offering everything from kitchen furniture to smaller accessories

A new all-inclusive furnishing store offering everything from kitchen furniture to smaller accessories

Good news for all furnishing fans: in June, OCCO opened a furnishing store in the Maakri quarter in Tallinn, where you can explore Italian kitchen furniture and wardrobes and learn all about OCCO’s brands that allow you to furnish your entire home in your preferred style and price range. Let’s take a look at what’s on display!

The jewel in the crown of the collection at OCCO’s store is a model kitchen with lava stone front panels, which, in Estonia, is only available from OCCO. In addition to being naturally unique and extremely durable, it is adorned with a beautiful embossed pattern depicting a map of the fabled city of Pompeii. The kitchen looks truly elegant and sophisticated – a worthy homage to this lost ancient culture.

Besides the exclusive lava stone furniture, however, visitors can also find more traditional furnishing solutions at OCCO’s store. And if it is a kitchen you are looking to furnish, you can get matching appliances from OCCO as well.

Not just unique kitchens, but marvellous wardrobes too

If you need a bit of inspiration for your dream wardrobe, OCCO’s furnishing store is the place to be. Among the many other items on display, OCCO has put out an exclusive modular wardrobe made from quite unusual materials, including smoked glass and leather.

The beautiful glass doors serve to display the contents of the wardrobe, while the integrated LED lighting is both practical and creates a splendid light effect in the room. The leather-covered doors, on the other hand, blend in gorgeously with the wall, providing a wonderfully luxurious and unique aesthetic with their clear line.

In spite of this one-of-a-kind item, however, OCCO is not just about high-priced furniture – in addition to luxury wardrobes, visitors can also find a wide selection of more affordable products to suit nearly every taste.

Three quality classes

OCCO’s service is divided into three quality classes:

Products of different quality classes are also priced differently, which ensures that every client is able to find a solution that meets both their wishes and their budget.

Your one-stop furnishing provider

We all know how tiring it can be to furnish your home if you have to run between dozens of different stores. OCCO provides an easy and rewarding furnishing experience, allowing you to get all the furnishings you need from one single store. This makes the process extremely convenient as well as cost-effective: purchasing all your furnishings from us means you benefit from our suppliers’ discounts that are only available to clients who have ordered our complete solution.

As another bonus, our in-store consultants can help you mix and match your products to ensure that the end result is harmonious and tasteful. Our complete solution package also includes 3D drawings of the future interior of your home, using the selected products. This enables you to get that extra peace of mind that the furnishings you have selected are according to your liking, or, if they are not, make changes where necessary.

Therefore, it is well worth visiting OCCO’s store whenever you need:

Open to private individuals and professionals alike

In addition to homeowners, OCCO’s furnishing store also welcomes real estate developers and brokers, as well as interior architects. At our store, real estate professionals have the chance to explore a variety of solutions for furnishing model apartments, and we also offer collaboration opportunities to provide a complete home furnishing solution to new homeowners. 

Interior architects interested in creating modern and stunning interiors, too, are welcome to explore all of OCCO’s products and solutions.

Visits to OCCO’s store at Maakri 19/2 must be scheduled in advance. To do so, please call us at +372 520 0330.


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