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Virtual reality is a valuable tool in furnishing

Virtual reality is a valuable tool in furnishing

The first virtual reality solutions started making waves across the globe back in 2016. Originally primarily used for creating new types of video gaming experiences, VR has recently also found many practical applications in making our daily life more convenient. Today, we are proud to say that OCCO is the first furnishing service provider in Estonia to offer its clients the opportunity to explore their new office in virtual reality before it is brought to life.

This solution is primarily aimed at new development clients whose homes and premises are still under construction.  OCCO’s VR solution allows the client to see a space before it is completed. By first creating 3D images of the project and importing them into a virtual reality program, the client can take their first steps in the new space with the help of a VR headset.

Step-by-step realisation

We start each project by creating a virtual room layout, discussing every detail with the client. This is followed by product selection, where we jointly select the desks and office chairs, plan the lounge area, the kitchen, and the wardrobe, and see if any custom furniture is needed. In this stage, OCCO’s designer also suggests a variety of finishes or fabrics for each piece of furniture.

Then we create 3D images of everything and place the selected products in a virtual reality environment. This allows you to get an accurate picture of the dynamics of the space, whether the colour scheme is harmonious, and if anything needs improvement. Seeing all your interior design choices together in one space makes it much easier to make decisions and be confident in your choices and vision for your new office.

Virtual reality offers emotions

We have created furnishing solutions for many different spaces and presented visions through catalogues, layouts, and now 3D imagery and virtual reality. We have seen that both catalogues and layouts can leave a number of questions unanswered for the client: what it all will look like exactly, what the fabrics will be like, etc. 3D images, however, can help paint a complete picture of the client’s vision, which can then be brought to life through a VR headset. We see it as both the most efficient solution as well as by far the most emotionally involving of the above options by virtue of the result being so tangible and comprehensible.

Collaboration with real estate developers

The VR solution has proved a valuable tool to a number of real estate developers constructing large office buildings. OCCO’s personalised service and professional solutions guarantee a smooth collaboration and a high-quality finished product.

If you are interested in OCCO’s 3D and virtual reality services, contact us at occo@occo.ee and we will bring your vision to life in virtual reality!


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