RE Kinnisvara

In the case of RE Kinnisvara's office, which was completed in cooperation with KAMP architects, the well-being of employees and modern solutions were very important. Great attention was definitely paid to high-quality materials, comfort and natural greenery. The comfort of the Bejot’s armchairs helps to relieve tension and the shelving creates a cozy atmosphere.

Good functionality and comfort were important in the creating of meeting room. Wooden details create excellent coziness and give an uniqueness. Flower boxes from Götessons with sound-absorbing panels are placed next to the tables to ensure that the environment is as peaceful as possible.

We know the value of time which is why the most convenient and easiest way for the client is to work with one specific partner, who provides a truly professional service, including high-quality 3D renders, furniture drawings, and even installation and after-sales service. The result that exceeded the client’s expectations in every way, was completed in a pleasant synergy and well-functioning cooperation.

Products used

We work with over 300 well-known brands from Europe and Scandinavia. Here is a selection of products used to decorate these rooms.
Public space

Göttessons Plant Divider

Office chair

Bejot Booi armchair


KFF Arva chair


Bejot ox:co armchair



10063RE Kinnisvara
Postimees Grupp, the largest media group in the Baltics, operates in a very spacious office building Postimees Grupp



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