Das Haus three-room apartment

The aim was to create a luxurious, cozy but at the same time modern interior which would equally support the architectural concept of the house with dark and light tones. The interior design vision was to maintain the tonality of the entire interior according to the chosen finishing package. However, in order not to make the whole interior dark and heavy it was decided to stick to the soft furniture, carpets and window coverings in light tones to balance the darkness.

Starting with the interestingly designed wall lamps and ending with a custom-made pattern carpet, every detail was carefully thought out and matched. As a result an extremely cozy and mood-enriching interior was created where you would be happy to spend quality time with your family or grab an exciting book to read with your coffee.

Products used

We work with over 300 well-known brands from Europe and Scandinavia. Here is a selection of products used to decorate these rooms.


9010Das Haus three-room apartment
Home in the coziest part of Tallinn Classic style apartment in Rotermann



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