Ogre is a Romanian startup who believes that data science and artificial intelligence are going to shape the future of the energy industry. As a company, it is fresh and young, with strong ambitions to change the way energy is being used, sold and purchased. Ogre’s main drivers are technology and AI.

“The Ogre brand colors are blue and light grey, which symbolise technology. Their brand identity includes playful and rounded elements. With all of this in mind, we wanted to create an interior design solution that resonated with an office in the digital age, especially for a company that is driven by innovation,” said Sebastian Mindroiu from the interior design studio PickTwo. “Curved glass, hidden LED lights and custom lighting everywhere make the space feel like an office set in 2030, and not in 2022,” he added.

<img src="meeting room.png" alt="meeting rooms with glass walls and led lights">

Imagine this: the year is 2030, and you get out of the driverless shared car that you took to work. A camera at the entrance of the building scans you and says hi. The AI that manages the building calls you an elevator to take you to your floor without you pushing a single button. And then you step into the office. What is the first thing you see? What does it look like? Does the light adjust automatically for you? Has the ambient sound been chosen purposefully to raise your awareness level? This is the idea behind Ogre’s offices. Although many of the technologies described are not yet in place, the look and feel are there.

The building is new and modern, which means it was a bit more difficult to find the right balance between contemporary and futuristic design. “We did not want it to look like something out of Star Trek, but rather as an upgrade of the current setup,” said Mindroiu. “We used the classic layout of separate meeting rooms, a few closed offices for increased intimacy, and a large open space. The insulating wall panels create the feeling of a calm, cozy space,” he added.

Lead Architect: Andreea Benchea together with Irina Herascu, Andra Calin and Adrian Gaita

Furniture: OCCO

Custom furniture: PAB Group