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OCCO’s Snuggery project welcomes our new fellow citizens

OCCO’s Snuggery project welcomes our new fellow citizens

Late last year, in the middle of the pre-Christmas rush, a new family room was completed at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital as part of OCCO’s charity initiative. Family rooms have previously been renovated with the support of entrepreneurs, but have thus far been limited to one-off projects. Thus we decided to start a tradition of renovating family rooms at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital by launching our Snuggery project.

A wonderfully cozy family room

Around 275 children are delivered at Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital each month. Many of them spend their first days with their parents in the family rooms, of which there are currently 16 in total. All of these rooms need a little touching up from time to time, and, eventually, a more thorough makeover, which is precisely the aim of OCCO’s Snuggery project.

What a family really needs during their first days with their newborn child is already well known to maternity hospitals thanks to decades of experience. In other words, the shopping list has largely been prepared; all that is needed is a furnishing solution that is, on the one hand, functional, but also, on the other, modern and cozy, so that the whole family could feel comfortable during their first days together.

According to Heli Rannu, the midwifery director of the Pelgulinna Maternity Hospital of the Women’s Clinic of West Tallinn Central Hospital, the family ward is an extremely emotional place. “This is where families spend their very first days together with their newest members, as well as where children often first meet their grandparents and siblings. The cozier the room, the fonder the memory of those emotions is,” noted Rannu.

Concept “Home”

When it was time to start renovating our family room, we immediately decided to take a different approach.  While the goal has previously always been a modern and comfortable hospital environment, our concept was primarily to recreate a home environment inside the hospital.

Fortunately, we have designed furnishing solutions for many different homes, so we knew to give preference to colours, finishing materials, and furnishing elements that people would actually use in their own homes.

Join us and help us brighten up the world

Our Snuggery project is open to all private and business partners who wish to do a bit of good together. Whether that is supplying furniture for the family rooms or filling the bookshelves with engaging reading material, we are open to all types of collaboration, because we know that a mutual desire to brighten up the world, even just a little, can bring a lot of joy to everyone involved. If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact us by e-mail at occo@occo.ee or on Facebook.


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