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Myjar’s new office in the Maakri quarter

Myjar’s new office in the Maakri quarter

Office furnishing solutions have evolved immensely in recent years. This transformation has partly been driven by the notion that a pleasant and innovative work environment is reflected in employee satisfaction and therefore also in business results.

One of our most exciting projects recently has been the furnishing of the new office of Myjar, a financial technology company based in Estonia. The company, with 150 employees, needed larger premises to expand their business. After choosing to set up shop over three floors in the Maakri quarter, they turned to OCCO for a complete furnishing solution.

The challenge: a consistent concept and functional details across three floors

When MyJar came to us, they already had a concept and a concrete vision of the details. What presented a challenge, however, was the size of the office: 2,000 square metres spread across three floors, where the concept had to work harmoniously on every square metre. For example, they had a clear vision of the office furniture, including desks, sofas for the recreational area, and room layout, but they needed us to put their ideas into practice in a logical and functional way.

OCCO’s complete service

Office furnishing is more than just choosing the furniture: there are a hundred other details to keep in mind, such as the floor covering, dividing panels, and, of course, installation and after-sales service. Few businesses have enough staff with the necessary experience to delve properly into all of these nuances.

OCCO’s complete office furnishing service spares the client from the stress related to furnishing, planning, and relocation, allowing them to focus on their core activities. We help you develop the concept, pay attention to every small detail, and always keep the big picture in mind.

Preparation: close co-operation with management

In what was a relatively rare sight, Myjar’s whole furnishing process was actually led by their management, involving staff at various stages. OCCO, for its part, provided a personal designer, who managed the entire project and made sure that everything went smoothly. Working directly with the management meant that decisions could be reached more quickly and efficiently. And, of course, it also meant that there were fewer meetings than in most cases, which allowed a great amount of work to get done relatively quickly.

3D visualisation: a chance to see the result before moving in

3D visualisation is a valuable tool in bringing any vision to life and understanding the details. It allows you to get a sense of the size of the rooms, the placement of the selected products, and the colour schemes before even ordering any products. Myjar made good use of this service, which allowed us to test a number of different solutions in this stage.

Custom orders: the perfect solution is rarely found stacked on a shelf

Thanks to the wide range of products OCCO has on offer, it is entirely possible to find innovative ready-made solutions from us. However, the best fit can only be achieved with custom furniture, which is what Myjar chose for their kitchens, where it helped prevent a number of previously unforeseen problems. Our specialists are the best in their field, and extensive experience enables us to anticipate both construction and execution-related issues.

Installation: precision work and thorough planning

When furnishing an office, you always have to keep in mind that before you can shuffle across your new soft carpet to settle into your comfy chair behind your ergonomic desk, the necessary elements must be brought in and installed in the right order. With OCCO’s complete solution, the client never has to worry about this, because OCCO handles everything: delivery planning, communication with the property manager, transportation, and installation. Everything must be done in the right order.

After-sales service: the job isn’t over after tightening the last screw

The functionality of a space and the office furniture contained in it is only revealed after people actually start using it. If, after everything, you find yourself needing more drawer boxes or soundproofing in some sections of the office, one partner can solve that for you quickly and efficiently. Or if you should run into unexpected issues with a product. You can always count on us to be there to help you find a solution.

If you would like more information about our products or services, please feel free to contact us or fill out the enquiry form and we will be happy to help you!


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