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How to make furnishing your new home an enjoyable experience?

How to make furnishing your new home an enjoyable experience?

It is the start of a new stage in your life: you have just moved into an apartment or house with no furnishings, which means you can now start designing the interior from a clean slate, exactly according to your tastes. Choosing the right furnishings is certainly very exciting, but there is no denying that it can also be quite complicated and time-consuming. Where should you begin? Where can you find all the furniture you need? How can you be sure that you have found high-quality products? What are the current trends in interior design and where can you find these latest modern products?

How to get started?

Stylish, convenient, and distinctive interior design is a good thing to aim for, but if you lack the time, knowledge, and experience to get there on your own, a complete furnishing solution from OCCO is a smart choice. So if you want the end result to be a harmonious collection of furniture where every piece can stand on its own, while also forming a beautiful whole, come in for a meeting with OCCO’s personal designer to get started on the path to your dream home!

Enjoy the furnishing process

With OCCO you will never have to make your furnishing decisions alone: each client is assigned a personal designer to find and offer matching products, design all custom solutions, such as kitchen furniture and integrated storage units, and, if desired, even to prepare 3D drawings of the future interior of the home, using the selected products. And, most importantly, OCCO’s designer will take care of the most tedious aspects of furnishing a home – project management and fine details – leaving you free to focus on your vision and enjoy the process!

Save time and money

People often mistakenly assume that furnishing services are expensive. But that is simply not the case, because OCCO, for example, can get products directly from suppliers at significantly lower prices than you would find at any store. Our experience has shown that a two-room apartment can be beautifully furnished for as little as €9,000, and that’s including kitchen furniture. Meanwhile, if you were to try to put the necessary pieces of furniture together on your own, you might well find yourself running over that budget.

Plus, with OCCO’s complete solution, you avoid having to endlessly crisscross the city, going from store to store. Our designers have worked in the field for many years now, which means they always have an excellent overview of all of the latest products, furnishing brands, and solutions available on the market, allowing them to act almost like a personal furnishing search engine in your service. All you need to do is come in for a meeting every now and then to see how your vision is professionally brought to life step by step!

Consult an expert!

And if you are having trouble deciding what you want, you can always come in for a simple consultation. Then, OCCO’s designer can help you flesh out your vision, get new ideas, and determine whether our complete furnishing solution might be right for you. Visit us at our showroom in the Maakri Quarter!


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