Real estate developer

We provide a complete furnishing service for creating model apartments that perfectly exemplify real estate development at its best and contribute to the success of the sales process. OCCO’s personalised service and creative solutions guarantee a smooth collaboration and a high-quality finished product.

You bring the vision, ideas and the budget. We offer a complete interior design solution.

Office or home – we will show you that boring rooms do not exist.




Personal consultation

At the first meeting, our disainer will clarify the client’s preferences and wishes. The price level and end result are agreed upon.


Decoration solution according to customer wishes

According to the wishes of our clients, we create the first moodboards. We take into account current design trends, the wishes of the client as well as the desired price range.


Visualisation and budgeting

In order to create an understanding of the end result, we create 3D views and a specific budget. At this stage, it is possible to express opinions and clarify details of the design.


Keys at hand

Our personal disainer ensures that all projects are completed by the deadline and exceed expectations of quality.

A beautiful and exceptional furnishing solution significantly increases the attractiveness of the property. We also provide furnishings for model and rental apartments!

Product categories



Our mission is to make elegant, engaging, and comfortable interiors accessible to everyone. We know that this can be achieved by approaching each client in a professional and personalised manner, because furnishing should be enjoyable.

Homes furnished by OCCO are all unique and of high quality. So dream boldly, because we are ready to make all your dreams come true.

3D solutions

3D solutions

A truly unique and practical service that enables you to see the layout of your apartment or house in 3D. We are able to provide the final product using the actual dimensions and furnishings. This means that you even can take your first (virtual) steps in your dream home before its completion.

Rental apartment solutions

Rental apartment solutions

Real estate is one of the easiest ways to earn a bit of extra money on the side. If you want to make your rental apartment a particularly attractive and profitable investment, contact us right away! We can help you find the perfect furnishing solution for every room of your apartment in the desired price range – the whole process is quick, easy, and enjoyable as we will help you at every step from planning to final cleaning.


OCCO constantly strives to provide the best for our customers, which is why continually we keep our eyes open for quality and innovation, get the best brands on our list of suppliers, and guarantee that we will find the absolute best solution for your home.

Kadri Karjatse
Brand Manager

The world of office furnishing has changed dramatically in recent years; we strive to offer bold and innovative solutions, and our greatest pleasure is to see the joy in our customers’ eyes as they first step into their newly built offices.

Jarmo Oidermaa
Office Department Sales Manager

We worked with OCCO in furnishing a model apartment with a splendid view of the marina in the Noblessner waterfront area, giving the apartment a luxurious Scandinavian-style interior and finish. Thank you for your dedication and professional service!

Kristin Joa
Sales Manager at Merko Ehitus Eesti

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If you want more information about or products or services, please contact us or fill in the online enquiry form. It is our pleasure to assist you!

Kadri Karjatse Home Department Sales Manager +3725200330 kadri@occo.ee

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Stay tuned with the newest interior decoration trends and take a closer look at our completed projects.

How to make your rental apartment more profitable

How to make your rental apartment more profitable

How to make furnishing your new home an enjoyable experience?

How to make furnishing your new home an enjoyable experience?




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