Recently, Mindvalley, an international company, opened a new office in Tallinn, Estonia. Since the company’s headquarters is located in Southeast Asia, in Malaysia, employees have the option to choose whether to work in the tropical climate of Malaysia or experience the crisp Estonian winter. Laura Viilep, Mindvalley’s Global Events Director, and Tuuli Kasemets, the Office Manager, discussed how they created a motivating environment for employees in collaboration with OCCO and how they encourage taking breaks and relaxation during the workday.

Employees from 18 different nationalities

Mindvalley’s founder, Vishen Lakhiani, hails from Malaysia, where the company’s main headquarters is located. However, Lakhiani now lives in Tallinn with his family, and the company has established its second official office there. Mindvalley’s Tallinn office is situated in the Porto Franco office building and boasts a diverse workforce representing 18 different nationalities, including Italy, Russia, Poland, various European countries, and even South American nations.

The work environment holds significant importance for the company. Mindvalley’s main headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has received numerous international accolades, being recognized as one of the world’s coolest offices twice. The first recognition was in 2013, followed by another in 2019.

“Lakhiani has a keen eye for design and places a strong emphasis on quality design. As a result, our offices tend to have a unique and exceptional design. For us, it’s crucial that the work environment is both motivating and inspiring,” said Viilep.


From South America to Estonia

Two-thirds of the company’s employees are foreigners who had the option to join either the Tallinn or Kuala Lumpur team. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many chose Estonia because Malaysia closed its borders during the crisis and stopped accepting foreign workers. For example, one employee from Brazil and another from Mexico, who couldn’t obtain work visas for Malaysia, decided to relocate to Estonia. They have now become accustomed to the local climate and have even begun to enjoy Estonian winters. “They have adapted to the Estonian climate and are very satisfied with their choice, except perhaps for the fact that there is limited daylight here,” noted Kasemets.

The new Tallinn office features high-quality lighting solutions. In times of limited natural light, intelligent lamps help compensate for this deficiency. The office has plenty of space, and one large glass wall faces the sunny side, where people often gather during the workday.

When selecting the office space, the goal was to create an environment with openness and modernity. Location also played a role – the Porto Franco office building is located on the edge of the Old Town, with everything needed within easy reach. “Many employees from abroad mostly walk, so they prefer the city center and Old Town area,” Viilep pointed out.

“The aim was to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their nationality,” said Kasemets. “In terms of design, we primarily focused on the Mindvalley brand and added vibrancy with color tones.” OCCO designers helped combine branding and the desire for vibrancy to create a distinctive solution in line with the company’s brand.

The office features a large lounge area that resembles a living room and is used for meetings, gatherings, and various events. It includes an open kitchen area where work is done, conversations are had, or people simply take a break. Other rooms are more traditional: there are separate meeting rooms and an open-plan office area, as well as some offices designed on an open principle.

Meditate, Relax, or Do Yoga

Kasemets and Viilep emphasized the importance of taking a moment to disconnect and relax, even on busy workdays. For this purpose, the Mindvalley office has a dedicated space where employees can take a moment for themselves, lie down, and meditate. “We have also organized group yoga sessions with employees, but everyone has the opportunity to grab a yoga mat whenever they need, do some stretches, and unwind,” noted Viilep.

Standing is Even Better for Work

To further promote employee well-being, the office provides adjustable-height desks and chairs. However, many employees have grown accustomed to working while standing instead of sitting. “I’ve developed a rhythm where I raise the desk when I’m working on quick tasks and prefer to stand. But when I need to focus, like working on Excel or doing analyses, I sit down again. I can’t imagine spending my workdays sitting all the time anymore,” said Viilep.

Neutrals with Vibrant Details

In terms of furniture, the office maintains a neutral tone but incorporates cool accessories and vibrant Mindvalley colors that align with the company’s brand identity. Examples of such elements include purple modular sofas that can be rearranged as needed and large flower pots with colorful covers, selected in collaboration with OCCO, to add a vibrant touch to the space.

OCCO Provided a Convenient Solution

Since the main concept of the office was already established by Porto Franco, the primary need was for advice on furniture and accessories to fill the space. OCCO was an ideal partner for this purpose. “OCCO was a good partner to bounce ideas off of in terms of what would best suit our needs. Many great ideas came from them, and together we found a flexible solution within the budget. The end result is exactly what we were hoping for,” described Viilep.