OCCO offers full office design solutions and best service for the clients. OCCO team has a long experience in real estate developing and can offer the whole range of B2B solutions like desk systems, office chairs, carpets, lamps, kitchens, soft furniture and so on.

All the products range from decently priced to very exclusive, which makes it create for the client to have more exclusive furniture in the managerial area and with equal quality but better priced furniture in the main area.


We know that all customers are unique and that each interior solution is based on individual needs, therefore we also offer you customized solutions adapted to your specific needs as well as designer brand products from some of the most renowned suppliers in Europe.

Our range of office furniture includes all those practical items that help a modern company to run smoothly. By shaping your workplace around people’s needs, you provide what they need to be healthy, productive, and engaged.

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